The theme of today is: Practice makes permanent and it’s going to be more of an important tip than an actual drawing challenge.

Yes! You might be thinking, wait maybe you mean “practice makes perfect”?

Well, you see, practice makes, anything you repeat over and over, permanent not necessarily perfect!

It means that if you practice a lot but you practice in an incorrect way you are going to fix that improper procedure or habit into your skill set and that can be a big problem down the line.

As a consequence, bad practice can severely hinder your progression.

This is true for everything really, but how is this going to affect your drawing skills?

You need to understand that what you do and learn at the very beginning of your drawing career might affect it adversely many years down the line as you might find yourself lacking critical skills that are necessary for you to progress.

So be very careful how you spend your time drawing, is the message and that’s why I have created the next day challenges to give you a clear perspective on the fundamental skills you need in order to improve as an artist.

You are all set for today! I’ll see you in the next challenge day.


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