How to draw yoda from Star Wars

Happy drawing Friday everyone and welcome to another tutorial from the Drawing Factory,  this time you will learn how to draw Yoda from the Star Wars Universe created by George Lucas.

Yoda is a fictional character in the Star Wars space opera franchise created by George Lucas, first appearing in the 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back. In the original films, he trains Luke Skywalker to fight against the evil Galactic Empire. In the prequel films, he serves as the Grand Master of the Jedi Order and as a high-ranking general of Clone Troopers in the Clone Wars.

For this tutorial I used the drawing software Sketch Book Pro. 

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Let’s move on with how to draw Yoda!

This is the image I used as a reference for this drawing, on top of it you can see how I drew my SmartGrid that I use as a reference to then draw the character with precision.

I have talked in more detail about this technique on my video tutorials on my YouTube Channel and I am not going to expand on it here but feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below.

To start with, let’s position the major masses or elements of this figure, in this case I am talking about the head, and ears, the torso, hands and the lightsaber.

No detail required at this stage as usual just the general shape and position, we’ll have plenty of time to refine things later on. Use the smart grid to your advantage to draw in proportions and position elements correctly.

Now you can start sketching in the facial features and elements of Yoda. Position the eyes, mouth and nose and the forehead which will be a dominant element in the final drawing.

Once you have positioned and sketched in all the elements of the drawing correctly using the smart grid or simply following the pictures of this tutorial you can start refining your drawing by adding detail where needed.

I have decided for a different approach to this drawing so I won’t be adding too much detail and the rendering also of the drawing will be simpler than other tutorials on this site.

Here you need to work a bit at the face. Remember once you have positioned eyes, nose and mouth correctly you should’t need to use the grid and instead you should really try to go free flow and making the drawing yours.

Work at the expression of Yoda and refine the hands and the cloak he is wearing. Even if the right ear is being the sabre you should still draw it for consistency, we’ll be drawing the lightsaber on top of it later on.

Now for this drawing final rendering I will use a technique that combines inking (digital) and cell shading colouring.

The first step is to pick up a black brush and go on the drawing to ink it completely. Begin from the contour and move in with the brush like I am showing in this image.

It’s really up to you the amount of black lines you want to use for the inking. You could spend hours inking all the fine wrinkles on Yoda’s face or leave it completely clean. It really depends on the final look you want to achieve.

As far as I am concerned I went for a middle ground adding a bit of detail on the face but leaving the cloak clean.

Once you are done with the inking just select some base, flat colours and fill the various areas of your drawing as indicated in the image above.

You’ll see in the next image I have changed the skin colour because after a while I wasn’t liking this particular green anymore and I wanted something more swampy.

After the flat colours are laid you can go ahead and lay down the shadows. Again using flat colours and a darker version of the base colour you are colouring on go in with your hard edge brush and fill areas of the drawing that are likely to be darker. Keep in mind light is coming from above in this particular scene.

I just here finished laying hard edged and flat shadows all over the drawing.

Once shadows are laid it’s time to lay the lights.

As for before select a lighter shade of the base colour and decide where light is hitting the figure.

To finish this up we need to add the mighty lightsaber! To draw the lightsaber and its glowing effect I simply used and large airbrush set on lowish opacity and build layer after layer of colour creating the glow effect first following the length of the sabre.

Finally using an hard-edge brush I coloured the inside of the sabre with a very light green.

There are still a couple of touches we need to finalise the drawing. Firstly you need to draw the hair of yoda and secondly we want to paint in the light shone on Yoda’s face by the sabre glowing. Just use an airbrush set to low opacity and carefully paint on Yoda’s face a green shine.

And there you have it! The final drawing of Yoda. I really hope this tutorial helped you learn how to draw Yoda!

I really hope you liked this tutorial, and if you guys want me to make more of these please let me know in the comment section below or using this form. It’s really important for me to understand what you guys would like me to make so if you could spare the time that would be absolutely fantastic.

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For this week is all from me and I’ll catch you all drawing next week with a new tutorial!


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