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How to draw a donkey

How to draw a donkey

Welcome to the How to Draw Donkey tutorial! I believe the title is self-explanatory so I think I will immediately dig into the tutorial.

While different species of horses families can interbreed, offspring are almost always sterile. Nonetheless, horse/donkey hybrids are popular for their durability and vigor.

A mule is the offspring of a jack (male donkey) and a mare (female horse). The much rarer successful mating of a male horse and a female donkey produces a hinny.

How to draw a donkey – Let’s get started!

The first thing we need to do is to draw some basic shapes that will determine the main masses of this animal. We’ll draw a circle for the head, a big oval for the body, and another circle for the rear of the animal.

Also, add a cone-like shape to the head circle to sketch the shape of the snout.

Once these shapes are established, we need to sketch the profile of the body using the shapes as a guide. Finally add the legs, obviously roughly sketched.

How to draw a donkey – Complete the drawing

To start giving our drawing the appearance of an animal we’ll add a few crucial details, like the ears, the mane, and tail to the drawing. Use this drawing as a guide to dimension these parts however also find images of donkeys and use them as a reference.

As a final step of this first part of the tutorial, you can safely delete all of the construction lines and shapes that helped you draw the shape of the donkey.

How to draw a donkey – Let’s get started!

It’s important at this stage to find a picture of a donkey to use as a reference to position the eyes and the nostrils. Remember to always draw a mid-line to divide the head into two symmetrical parts and horizontal lines do help you position correctly the facial features.

Reference will be also needed to learn where this animal has fur and other things like the color of the mane.

Once you have sketched the snout and the eyes your drawing is practically done! Now it’s time to start adding a few details to mark it more realistic. Again this is where a good reference image comes really in handy.

How to draw a donkey – Complete the drawing

So start adding small pencil strokes to the head and body, particularly to the outline, to make it look furry. Slowly add the fur all around and try to emphasize shapes, shadows, and muscles where possible.

As a last step, I have added a bit of shadow with a digital brush but you can use a very soft pencil to achieve a similar result. Color the hooves black as the tip of the tail and your drawing should be beautiful!!

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