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How to draw disney characters Donald Duck

How to draw disney characters Donald Duck

Welcome to the second installment of how to draw Disney Characters. In this second tutorial, we’ll be learning how to draw probably one of the most loved Disney characters, Donald Duck!

As the first tutorial dedicated to Mickey Mouse, this is going to be a very easy tutorial that will allow you to draw a great Donald Duck face in a few steps. In the meanwhile, you’ll be learning basic principles of drawing other Disney characters based on the duck anatomy.

We’ll be drawing Donald’s face seen from the front, one of the classical representations of the famous duck.

Donald is a white anthropomorphic duck with a yellow-orange bill, legs, and feet. He usually wears a sailor shirt, cap, and a red or black bow tie, but no trousers (except when he goes swimming). Donald’s most famous personality trait is his easily provoked and occasionally explosive temper.

Let’s get started!

How to draw Disney characters – Step 1

Let’s draw a compressed circle which will be the head of Donald and follow with a bell-shaped line with the bottom of the bell touching the sides of the head. Notice that the height of the head and bell are approximately the same.

Throughout his career Donald has shown that he dislikes Mickey and wants his job as Disney’s greatest star. In the early Disney shorts Mickey and Donald were partners, but by the time The Mickey Mouse Club aired on television, it was shown that Donald always wanted the spotlight.

This second step is very important because we’ll establish the fundamental lines that will be the backbones of our drawing. First of all, divide the head into three parts. These lines will be useful to position the eyeballs and to locate the middle of the head where the bump of the beak is going to be.

Now draw this kind of very long W at the bottom of the head and immediately after draw the contour of the eyes. Be careful to position each eye in the middle of the line.

The last important line that you should draw now is the slightly curved line just below the head which will be the curvature of the beak.

Well done so far! Next step you’ll learn how to draw Disney characters: Donald Duck by using these fundamental lines as a backbone of the drawing.

Donald Duck has played a major role in many Disney theme parks over the years. He has actually been seen in more attractions and shows at the parks than Mickey Mouse has.

Let’s move on.

Step 2 : how to draw Disney characters

If you have drawn correctly the fundamental lines in the previous step, adding the details now is going to be really easy. Work on the W shape and make it smoother then continue it on the outside contour of the head. This will give the beak a stronger shape.

Using the slightly curved line as a guide, now draw the beak seen from the front. Finally, add the small triangular tongue.

We are almost there my friend! Add the irises of the eyes, which are very elongated in Disney characters and in many cartoon characters; then go on with the left eyebrow and sketch in the mariner’s hat!.

Step 3: how to draw Disney characters

The last line I want you to draw is a smaller bell-shaped line that goes inside the contour of the beak and that serves the purpose of defining the thickness of the beak.

WoW! look at the amazing drawing you have just done!

To finish the drawing delete all the construction lines and use an HB or 2B pencil to enhance the principal lines and make your drawing looks even better!


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