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How to draw Disgust from Inside Out

How to draw Disgust from Inside Out

Hello everyone and welcome to another incredible tutorial from the Drawing Factory,  this time you will learn how to draw Disgust from the Pixar movie Inside Out by Pixar Studios.

Disgust is one of the five emotions controlling Riley Andersen’s mind. She lives in her brain and works with other emotions.

For this tutorial, I used the drawing software SketchBook Pro and a drawing tablet.

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How to draw Disgust

Here You can see where I started with my drawing and the reference image I used for this tutorial.

As always take a good look at the reference image and try to see if you can visually simplify it into easier shapes and forms.

In this particular case, I decided that the whole character would fit into an elongated rectangle which I have subsequently divided into three sections.

So the first thing you should be doing is to draw a rectangle and divide it into three sections, one containing the head of the character, the second containing the chest and the last containing the skirt and legs.

Now, very carefully, draw the head mass, establish the position of the chest area and draw the skirt and legs. Sketch everything quickly at this stage and make sure to get the proportions correct as well as the spacial relation between these elements.

Right,are you feeling you are learning how to draw Disgust already? I hope so. Now it’s time to add the cross arms on her torso.

Look carefully at the reference image, and notice how the right elbow almost touches the corner of the construction lines while the left elbow lays almost along the midline of the drawing.

Notice these little elements to position the arms correctly.

Time to sketch the hair of Disgust. There are two big masses here to draw, both starting in the upper right corner.

Start from there and draw one mass flowing to the left and one flowing down.

Again, use other elements of the drawing you have positioned before to position the hair correctly. Fo example, look at the distance between the tip of the hair and her left shoulder.

Alright, now on a tough part, drawing the face of Disgust. I wish I could tell you a simple way to nail it but there isn’t really. It’s a process of trial and error.

As usual, draw the midline of the face and a horizontal line as a reference for the height of the eyes,  then dig in and try to draw all the face elements.

I resorted to drawing two additional lines one above and one below the eyes just to be sure I was positioning them correctly.

Good luck with this part!

Once you are happy with the face it’s time to add the iris and pupil for each of the eyes.

The key here is to draw perfect circles, remember, the irises and pupils are perfect circles when the character is looking directly at the camera, like in this case so do not be fooled by your eyes and stick to it.

Add in Disgust’s foulard and start cleaning your sketch a little.

Learning how to draw Disgust, moving on!

Wow! Can you believe it, we are almost done! Now it’s time to clean and finalise forms before moving on to colouring the drawing.

Take a good look at your drawing, and maybe take a few minutes off cause this is a good time to verify you are happy with the result so far. How does your drawing compare to the reference image?

At his point, I cleaned the drawing further removing all unwanted lines, added the folds on Disgust’s skirt and relied on her for colouring.

The first thing to do when colouring with drawing software is to create a new layer underneath the sketch work and fill the various areas of the drawing with flat base colours.

No shadowing at this stage just plain, flat colours.

Sounds easy enough, I’ll leave it to you!

After that has been taken care of, it is time to add shadows. Get yourself a soft airbrush tool with opacity set to lowish, maybe around 20% and start building up shadows on the figure.

In this particular rendering the light comes from the left (of the character) so all the shadows are going to be on the right of the figure. Don’t rush this step, take your time and build the shadows slowly adding layers over layers of a darker base colour.

When shadows are laid down you can start laying down the light. The process is similar to the previous one however in this case you add a lighter version of the base colour.

Using a soft airbrush with low opacity, build the light areas slowly to create a smooth effect and to blend seamlessly with the colour underneath.

We are almost there!

It’s time now to really add the final touches and finish the rendering of this drawing.

Here I went over the drawing and looked for areas that needed deeper shadows for example, so I added an almost black shadow to the hair and legs.

At the same time, I added even more light, again, to the hair because they are very shiny and because why not!?

Even more details before the very final touch!

I created a custom texture for the dress and covered the dress with it.  I also added even more light to the left side of Disgust to increase the contrast between light areas and dark ones.

And now the final touches.

Draw the long eyelashes and add a little bit of pink to the cheeks of Disgust, she absolutely needs it to get her nice looks.

I also added a bit of texture to the hair and refined the nose and mouth before calling it a day.

And there you have it! A glorious drawing of Disgust from the Pixar Movie Inside Out! I hope this tutorial helped you learn how to draw Sadness! 

How did your drawing turn out? Did you find it difficult? Easy? Let me know in the comment section below! For this week is all from me and I’ll see you all next week with another drawing tutorial!


  1. And there you have it! A glorious drawing of Disgust from the Pixar Movie Inside Out!. I hope this tutorial helped you learn how to draw Sadness!

    How did your drawing turn out? Did you find it difficult? Easy? Let me know!


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