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How to draw Anger from Inside Out

How to draw Anger from Inside Out

Hello everyone and welcome to another amazing tutorial from the DrawingFactory,  this time you will learn how to draw Anger from the Pixar movie Inside Out by Pixar Studios.

Anger is one of the five emotions controlling Riley Andersen’s mind. He lives in her brain and works with the other emotions.

For this tutorial, I used the drawing software SketchBook Pro and a drawing tablet.

If you are looking for a guide to buy a graphic tablet you can check out my top 10 favourite drawing tablets. Also if you want to try out SketchBook Pro, you can Download Free Autodesk Software Trials Now!

Finally, if you’d rather watch the video tutorial on my youtube channel you can watch it here: How to Draw Anger Video Lesson.

Here I am showing you where I started with my drawing and the reference image I used for this tutorial.

As always take a good look at the reference image and try to see if you can visually simplify it into easier forms. For example in this case the character is very rectangular, it is almost inscribed into a rectangle.

So what I did was to draw a rectangle and using that as a reference I started to fill it with reference elements, for example, the position of the belt and the shape of the head.

Be very careful at this stage in positioning these elements so that during your drawings you will be able to use them to position the other elements using these as spatial signposts.

Once you have established these basic features you can probably start adding the arms.

Look carefully where they start and where they end (including the fists) for example I noticed that the fists are approximately a third of the trousers below the belt. Too easy!

Right, are you feeling you are learning how to draw Anger? I hope so. At this point add the folds of the shirt at the arms and the collar.

Also, you can start cleaning the drawing a little bit at this stage if it’s too messy because in the next step, we’ll draw the face.

Divide the face along the midline and find the point on the midline where the eyebrows meet. Once you have figured out the position of that point draw the two eyebrow lines and the eyeballs looking at the reference. Notice how the left eyeball is bigger than the right one.

Oh, you can add the necktie at this stage if you want or at the end, I felt it would look good on him right now

Now for the mouth.

Trace two lines from the sides of the eyeballs down. The width of the mouth should stay between those two lines. Also, notice how I measured the distance between the upper lips and the bottom of the eyeballs just to make sure that I am staying faithful to the reference image.

The bottom lip of the mouth is basically a straight line so you can go ahead and draw it now.

Wow! It looks like there was a big jump between the previous image and this one however there isn’t really. Once you have positioned all the features of the face and the body it’s just a matter of refining them which is what I did here.

I cleaned the drawing deleting extra construction lines and refined the lines that I decided were the best ones. Finally, I refined the fists as well and made them rounder.

I did add the irises and pupils of the eyes, the teeth and I refined the belt and the trousers folds BUT I won’t go into any detail and leave the fun to you

This step looks like instead is not very different from the previous one but it’s an important one where you have to finalise the drawing before colouring. So go over your drawing carefully and trace the lines with a darker pencil to make your drawing stand out better.

Now it would be a bit too long to explain here in detail how I coloured the drawing here, if you are interested you can watch the video lesson instead here.

In general, what I did was to apply first the so-called flat colours or base colours so in this case I coloured the body red, the shirt a light grey and the trousers a dark purple. Then I did two subsequent passages one for the shadows and one for the highlights.

For the shadows, I used the reference image as a guide and added a darker shade of the flat colour to simulate the presence of the shadows in various areas of the drawing.

For the highlights, I just did a second pass this time with a lighter tone of the flat colour on those areas that are directly hit by the light source in the scene. So you can see that already at this stage it’s clear how light is coming from the right side of the drawing or the left side of the character.

So all the elements that are on his left side are brighter than the elements on his right side.

To finalise the drawing and the rendering of Anger I applied a texture on his body and trousers. This pass is very simple if done with drawing software as you only have to select an appropriate textured brush.

If you are drawing this by hand it requires a bit more work though.

To finish this off I coloured the background black to make the character stand out even more and there you have it, the finished result.

I hope you learned how to draw Anger with this tutorial and I look forward to seeing your drawing and your version. If you have any questions let me know in the comment section below and if you want to submit your drawing to our gallery you can do it simply on this page. Also, would you like to see other tutorials and how to draw the other characters from the movie Inside Out?

For this week is all and I will see you all next week with a new tutorial!


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