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How to draw a rose

How to draw a rose

Welcome to How to Draw a rose. With this tutorial, we’ll tackle the difficult subject of drawing roses.

It is considered difficult by many to draw these flowers due to the complexity of their shapes however it is not as hard as it looks.

As always it’s a matter of simplifying the complex shapes into simpler ones and adding complexity from there. Now a few words of background on this beautiful flower before start drawing it.

A rose is a perennial flower shrub or vine of the genus Rosa, within the family Rosaceae, that contains over 100 species and comes in a variety of colors.

How to draw a rose – Let’s get started!

We’ll start drawing a rose with three simple construction lines.

A big circle (the outer perimeter of the flower), a vertical line, and a central triangle (sort of). We’ll add details and complexity step by step to the final result of this simple outline.

The next logical move in how to draw a rose is to add some leaves. Leaves are easy to draw so I won’t go into details. Add as many as you think useful to give the simple outline a flowery feel.

How to draw a rose – Overall shapes

Now that we have defined the boundaries of our rose it is time to draw the innermost core of the flower.

Try to draw, as I have done, a sort of small chalice or elongated cup, straight in the middle of the flower body. Exactly like in the picture.

We’ll work from the center of the rose toward the perimeter adding complexity and petals.

Try to develop the cup into a slightly more complex figure. Keep the overall shape however add a few petals. Use the image as a guide.

From here keep adding petals in a circular fashion. Internal petals are obviously smaller than external petals. Moreover, petals tend to be bent, and twisted at their extremities. Try to recreate that effect. Use the basic construction lines as a guide for the positioning of the petals.

Delete the internal construction lines and what do you have? Well, a drawing that is looking really like a real rose! But it’s not finished yet.

How to draw a rose – Complete the drawing

Let’s consolidate the internal petals before going on with the more external ones. Consolidate means tracing them accurately, work out the intersection points so that you do not have weird intersecting of lines and so on.

I’ve added a bit of shadow too, really a few lines, to try and emphasize their structure.

Adding the external petals is a mere exercise of patience. Do exactly as for the internal petals. Sketch them in, figure out the intersection points and add a bit of shadow. Remember to use the big construction line as a guide.

Now guess what happens if you remove the construction lines..? Well, you have a beautiful drawing of a terrific rose! Now You may notice that I have worked also other details like the jaggedness of the leaves and some leaf structure.

It’s useful to have some reference pictures if you want to get crazy with details!

How to draw a rose – The finished result!

For the final rendering keep adding the details of the leaves and petals, consolidate the drawing, and eliminate every construction line and. there you have a beautiful drawing of a rose.

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