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How to draw a rabbit

How to draw a rabbit

Welcome to How to draw a rabbit. -With this step-by-step tutorial we’ll help you draw a lovely mammal that is well known by many but definitely challenging to draw due to the fur and strange body shape: The rabbit!

Rabbits are small mammals found in several parts of the world. They live in groups, and the best-known species, the European rabbit lives in underground burrows or rabbit holes.

A group of burrows is called a warren. The rabbit’s long ears, which can be more than 10 cm long, are probably an adaptation for detecting predators. They have large, powerful hind legs. Each foot has five toes, with one greatly reduced in size. they move around on the tips of their toes.

How to draw a rabbit – Let’s get started!

As usual, we’ll start with two simple lines, a circle for the head and a big oval for the body. I have added also the line of the ground to use as a reference when drawing the legs.

There are a few obvious things you want to get right when drawing a rabbit and I am talking of the ears, bunny tail, and the long hind legs. So take time and care in sketching these elements as they will define the drawing! As usual start with small balls for the feet, we’ll detail them later. Just to get the proportions right.

Have I ever mentioned it before? Look on Google for references if you feel you have no idea how a rabbit is made.

How to draw a rabbit – Overall shapes

The next is a very small step. Just try to find the midline of the head. his will help you tremendously positioning eyes and nostrils. Rabbits have very round eyes.

Now that the basic lines are defined it’s time to remove the construction lines and start working at the drawing as a whole. The main problem in rendering the final image of the rabbit will be the presence of the fur. As usual in our tutorial at the drawing factory, we encourage you to find a way to suggest the presence of the fur to the observer and not draw hair by hair!

So start by drawing fur lines along the belly and at the connection between the head and body. Also, make furrier the tail!

From now on it’s a matter of deposing with short and precise pencil marks and fur lines suggesting a bit of light/shadow in the meanwhile. Also, work on the feet, and detail them a little bit more.

Starting from the head move toward the body being careful in drawing the hairs in the same direction. As you can see the hair lines at the border are denser than in the middle of the drawing. The eye and the mind of the observer will catch the border hairs first and will complete the picture adding the missing hairs!

How to draw a rabbit – Complete the drawing

This doesn’t mean you have to be completely lazy and stop drawing hairs and fur! So keep doing it moving onto the hind leg and the tail!

Now before finalizing the drawing we want to give that eye a bit of highlight. To do it just fill the white with a neutral grey with your pencil then erase a little circle of pencil from the top half of the eye and voila you have a perfect highlight.

Just add some more hair here and there and a bit of projected shadow to give the drawing that bit more tri-dimensionality.

How to draw a rabbit – The finished result!

Wow, you did it! My congratulations. I’ll see you in the next tutorial!

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