Welcome to How to Draw a puppy. – With this tutorial, we’ll try to give you directions to successfully draw a cute puppy! In this case, is going to be a little Labrador puppy.

In vernacular English, puppy refers specifically to dogs while pup may often be used for other mammals such as seals, giraffes, gerbils, or even rats.

For this tutorial, I used the drawing software SketchBook Pro and a drawing tablet.

How to draw a puppy – Let’s get started!

As usual, I’ll ask you to start this difficult drawing with two very simple construction lines. One circle and one oval. It couldn’t get easier than this!

The circle will serve as a guide for the head of the puppy while the oval will be the body.

Let’s jump into the drawing now! It is very important when you draw a puppy to get the snout right and the big padded feet. The snout will help us position and scale the elements of the face while the padded feet will guide the drawing of the legs. In this case, the puppy will be drawn seen from a three-quarter front.

How to draw a puppy – Overall shapes

Another two crucial characteristics of the face are the long ears (so cute) and the actual nose. If you get these elements right you are a long way in drawing a nice puppy.

So sketch the ears in taking care of drawing them long and floppy and the small doggy nose.

As the facial expression of the puppy is crucial we’ll start with that. Using a couple of construction lines determine the mid side of the head and the height of the eyes then sketch them in. Also the line of the mouth. Use reference and this drawing as a guide!

Now a bit of rest. In this step, we’ll just draw the doggy fingers and add a little bit of fur effect to define the shoulder line and the belly line.

The drawing really starts coming together when you start removing the construction lines. What do you think so far? Get rid of the bigger construction lines and see what your puppy looks like. Believe it or not, the hard part is finished. Now it’s time to start detailing our lovely puppy.

How to draw a puppy – Complete the drawing

You do not want to overwhelm the drawing with lines to render the fur. Remember it’s always more important to suggest the presence of the fur than drawing it hair by hair. So add furry lines here and there, consolidate the shapes of the drawing, and add details when it needs.

As you see the trick is to add a bit of shadow to contrast the drawing and always add it trying to simulate the presence of fur. Short fur in this case. Areas of shadows help to define volumes. Do not add them randomly but use them to better define the volumes and illumination of the scene.

Keep doing it and add details in the meanwhile.

How to draw a puppy – The finished result!

The final touch is a bit of projected shadow to give our splendid puppy even more tridimensionality. You have done it!!

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