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How to draw a cat

How to draw a cat

Welcome to How to draw a cat. – With this simple tutorial we’ll examine how to draw a cat from the basic shapes to a finished drawing portrait of this lovely animal.

Cats are truly amazing animals. they are known as domestic cats or house cats to distinguish them from other felines. They are small carnivorous mammals valued by humans for their companionship and their ability to hunt vermin and household pests. And because they are cute!

How to draw a cat – Let’s get started!

The basic shapes for this drawing are two: A circle for the head and a rough and elongated oval for the body. When you draw the oval try to keep the left side (that will be the belly) flat while instead adding a bit of curvature to the right side.

Removed the basic shapes let’s work on the posture of our cat. Sketch in the front legs (really a simple line) and the hind legs. Well, only one hind leg is visible in this pose. All lines in this drawing should be very smooth. Remember that the cat has a smooth body shape and we should try to keep this feeling in our drawing.

Draw a cross also over the “will be” face. The cross will help you place the eyes, nose, and mouth.

How to draw a cat – Overall shapes

A couple of more basic elements will definitely shape our drawing. I am talking about the ears (very important for a cat) and the ever-moving tail.

The time has come to sketch the basic elements of the face. Please use a lot of reference material for this. Google cat and find out what’s special about the face of these animals. Also, start adding a hint of fur here and there to get a feeling for the final result already.

In the next two steps, we’ll define shapes a little bit better and we’ll start removing the biggest construction lines. Also, put a bit of effort into drawing proper front legs and add even more fur. Remember it is important not to draw every single hair, just give the impression the body is covered by fur.

Keep removing construction lines. Time to start adding a few details.

How to draw a cat – Complete the drawing

At this stage is very important you removed all the construction lines and achieve smoothness in the various body parts.

As you can see here a few details have been added and fur has been added all around the body line. A little bit of fur is also on top of the hind leg and around the neck.

The trick to draw convincing fur is to shadow with the pencil following the direction of the fur. So start adding shadows here and there, and try to imagine how the fur would run on the particular patch of the body. Do not be afraid of experimenting, the eraser is your companion here!

Once you are happy with the shadows you have sketched in try to consolidate them. Mark harder with your pencil, do not be afraid. Increase the contrast of the image.

How to draw a cat – The finished result!

The final touches are obviously the whiskers, some more brushing undesired marks away with the eraser and consolidating the silhouette of the cat. This is an amazing drawing!!

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