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Heart drawings

Heart drawings

Heart drawing is a much-beloved art and one of the favorite subjects of drawing aficionados.

In this tutorial, I’ll guide you through a simple and effective process to draw a heart (obviously not an anatomical or medical representation) and color it.

This method takes the guess working out of the way and with a series of construction lines gives you the proper foundation to draw a heart effectively every time you draw it.

Heart drawings – basic construction

The first thing to do is to draw two identical circles, like those in the picture above. Like in the picture, the circles must intersect each other just a little bit.

Then draw a vertical line passing through the intersection of the circles. This will be the midline of the heart 

In the next crucial step, you draw a third circle positioned as in the picture above. As you see this circle is in the exact middle of the midline and intersects the other two circles at points 1, 2, and 3, 4. All the circles have the same size.

Now you have a perfect layout upon which to build your heart. Notice that these circles are perfect here but they do not need to be. Hand-drawn circles will also do nicely and will confer to your heart a sketchy and nice look.

Heart drawings – tracing the heart

The first step to drawing the heart is to trace the upper part of the first two circles you have drawn as a layout. I am using red here, the color of love, to draw the heart 

The next step will be the most difficult but do not worry and take your time doing it, I am sure you’ll make it.

As you see in the picture you have to draw a line, a curved line, that connects smoothly the side of the heart to its tip. Obviously, it is not going to be easy to draw it smoothly and it may take a few attempts.

As usual practice and repetition will make you perfect in this.

Obviously do the same for both sides and.. hey! you have almost done it! Time to color it up to perfection.

Start by filling the heart with a red color of your choice. Try to be cool and smooth when you lay down your color. Also, try to remain softer at the edges.

When you are done coloring the heart (you can use any type of color you want), make sure the edges are trimmed properly. In the next step we’ll apply a nice highlight and the artwork will be completed.

Actually, I was undecided as to what type of reflection to add, and a tried two different highlights that’ll serve you as a guide. You pick the one you prefer or try something different!

Heart drawings – final touches

This is the first one. The highlight is positioned at the top left of the heart. It is always good to have a secondary small reflection nearby the major highlight

And this is the second one. As you can see the highlight is lower and gives the heart a completely different look. Just play with the positioning of the highlights and come up with something yours!!

I’ll leave you with a lovely collection of floating hearts!!! bye bye and see you in the next tutorial!


  1. Your blog is an amazing resource. I am not able to understand whether I can make the drawing using a pencil, or do I need some drawing software?

    • Hey Devika, for this one I used a drawing software SketchBookPro however you can use the same ideas and principles to do it in pencil. No stress! And thanks!


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