Looking for grim reaper drawings are you? Well with this tutorial you not only will be able to draw your grim reaper but it is going to be a fun grim reaper, cartoonish if you want. Small but really pissed off!

In this tutorial, I will guide you through a series of simple steps to realize a super-deformed version of the grim reaper.

Small and cute but still deadly. You might find it useful to review my tutorial on how to draw an evil skull because the head of the Reaper, under the hood, is basically an evil skull.

Moreover, at the bottom of this tutorial, you’ll find a video version of the tutorial (or on the video channel of the drawing factory on YouTube) that will give you visual guidance through the various steps.

Let’s get started

Grim Reaper drawings Step 1

The first step as usual is drawing the general outline of whatever we want to create. In this case, you can notice that the anatomy of this dummy character is quite skewed toward the cartoonish style. Very big head compared to the rest of the body. Also, the limbs are abnormally short.

I have spent a few minutes sketching and re-sketching to find the right pose for my dummy upon which we will build our reaper. Let’s move on.

Grim Reaper drawings Step 2

What is a Reaper without a scythe? I also posed the right hand. The Scythe is pointing slightly toward the observer so be careful to apply the right perspective when you draw it. A trick might be to inscribe the blade into a rectangle. Much easier to draw from various angles than the crude blade shape.

Ok, let’s move on now by drawing the head of the reaper. In this representation, you basically need to draw an evil skull and wrap a hood around it.

Grim Reaper drawings Step 3

Use the construction lines as a guide for the positioning of the hood but do not get bogged by the construction lines. Keep the drawing fluid and experiment.

Grim Reaper drawings Step 4

Now it’s time to add a cape! there is no easy route to draw a realistic cape with folds and bends without hard work, however, this is not going to be the ultimate cape and it is quite easy to get a decent effect. Folds on the cape basically follow gravity. Experiment a little bit with them and redraw them until you are satisfied with the general appearance of the cape. I think I’ll dedicate a tutorial to clothes and dresses one of these days.

Grim Reaper drawings Step 5

Why not start cleaning the drawing at this point? I have removed all the construction lines and sketched them on the hands and feet. I have also worked a bit on the head adding a bit of black to make it scarier. Doesn’t it look good?

Grim Reaper drawings Step 6

In this final step, you just need to thicken the outline and define the hands, feet, and scythe, nothing easier! Hands and feet have to look skeletal but do not look in an anatomy book for it. Just draw fingers in segments and it should do.

We also have a hand drawing tutorial on the site if you are interested that will certainly give you insight on how to draw the skeleton of a hand. Check it out if you can.

Wow, great drawing! At this point you can continue by yourself I think. Try to figure out how to draw the Reaper and have fun while you enjoy your stay at the Drawing Factory.


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