Are you ready to start DAY 2 of my 10 day Drawing Challenge? Cool let’s do it!

The theme of today is: Forget about the eraser.

Before I even start, allow me to remind you that these challenges are, well, challenges, and are designed to try and push you out of your comfort zone. You do not have to be perfect, it’s find if you find them difficult, your drawings can be messy, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you understand the principle and do your best. Now shall we begin!

A mistake that I see new and even more experienced artists and drawers make is abusing of the eraser (or erasing function on a digital software).

Do you find yourself constantly erasing every single line you make because you are not happy with it and want to get it perfect before moving on?

I totally sympathize with you on this. I used to be like that myself.

However, the eraser should be used to fix mistakes not to dictate your artistic vision AND if you are constantly using it because you are not happy with even the simplest of the lines you draw you are sabotaging your art.

Trust me.

Knowing that you can delete what you have just drawn forces you to focus too much on the single lines and lose a good perspective of the whole picture.

So, for this challenge  I’d like you to create a drawing without EVER using the eraser.

Drawing without the eraser is great because teaches you to be more explorative and bold, less fearful of making mistakes and open to experimentation.

Too difficult I hear you say? Nah!

It’s not that difficult at all and I am going to tell exactly how to do it.

Have you ever heard of using a blue pencil (or whatever colour you want really that is different from the pencil) for sketching? In the world of comics blue pencils are used by artists because blue sketchy lines can be easily eliminate during the scanning phase of the artwork.

But they are also very useful to sketch because you can then draw your final lines on top of the blue sketchy lines and your final drawing will look very good still, like this one for example:

So for this challenge I want you to create an illustration starting with a blue pencil for the sketch underneath and then finishing it off using pencil (2B for example) or pen. The catch is, you should never use the eraser!

You are all set! Good luck with the Day 2 Drawing Challenge.

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