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Evil skull drawing

Evil skull drawing

Looking for a terrifying evil skull drawing tutorial? Look no further, this is going to be your ultimate evil skull stop! In conceiving this tutorial I wanted to create a drawing that was at the same time truly horrifying (in the good sense) and easy to realize.

So I have created the image we are going to draw with an eye to feasibility even for an inexperienced drawer.

Just follow the steps and you should be able to walk away with a scary skull to use in your scary projects (whatever they might be).

Let’s start with the evil skull drawing tutorial!

Evil skull drawing – Step 1

Let’s start with an easy form, a vertical rectangle. Easy enough? Let’s then divide it into four parts by drawing a vertical and a horizontal midline.

Evil skull drawing – Step 2

Draw a circle in the upper half of the rectangle. This will be the main mass of the evil skull head. Now we want to add the evil eyebrow lines.

To draw them just draw two simple lines from the center of the big rectangle to the sides of the upper half of the rectangle as shown in the image. Now follow the arrows and draw the shape of the upper part of the mouth.

Evil skull drawing – Step 3

Ok at this point we are going to add the mandible of the skull, the eye sockets, and the nose.

Evil Skull drawing. First, draw the half-eye sockets. Be very rough it doesn’t matter precision now.

Then position the nose. As you can see a trapezoidal shape is enough to block it out. Finally, draw the mandible. This might appear as a slightly difficult shape but it is not. Use straight lines to draw it approximately following the form in the image. So far so easy!

Evil skull drawing – Step 4

Having defined the principal shapes of the evil skull drawing it is now time to open the dances (metaphorically!). start adding details to the head. Try to follow my lead but you do not really need to.

Just go with the flow and start shaping the various parts of the evil skull as you like. I have added teeth, rounded the eyebrows and added a few lines here and there to make the skull look smoother and less stiff.

Evil skull drawing – Step 5

It is a good time now to clean up your drawing a bit. I used a 2H pencil all the way but a H might do as well. Keep working on the details of the skull and remember to work your drawing as a whole without focusing too much on a single part.

I have used a reference image of a real skull from this point on to add that bit of realism to the drawing and I encourage you to do the same. referencing material is an indispensable tool for an artist and with the internet nowadays you have no excuses!

Evil skull drawing – Final Step

WoW! Can you believe it? A little bit of more work and you have done a great evil skull drawing to scare friends or paint on your motorcycle. Congratulations!

Except for the mandible, all of the bones of the skull are joined together by sutures, rigid articulations permitting very little movement.

As you can see I have decided to add the eyeballs to my scary friend as well as a few sutures and foramina to give that realistic feel to it.

I have also worked on the light and shadow just a little bit and defined the internal parts of the nose from my reference. Not that difficult at all is it? I hope you enjoyed my evil skull drawing and see you soon with my next horrifying tutorial!

Feel free to comment on the tutorial or contact us for questions in the Contact Us section of the site, We would love to hear from you.


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