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Drawing Software

Using a drawing software instead of pencils, brushes and canvases, to express our creativity and create beautiful artworks, has become a trademark of the modern age.

This is certainly an amazing possibility.

Drawing on the computer using specific softwares to do it allows us to experiment in a way it was impossible even to imagine before. We can experiment with line shape, colors, brushes, techniques. The possibilities are endless!

There is a small price to pay, however to access this world and to make the most of it.

There are certain tools that are required (a computer and a software package for drawing for example) and others like a drawing tablet that, even if not required, can make a big difference in terms of quality and precision of our work.

In this ever evolving scenario, things change constantly. New and improved digital drawing companions come out, together with new and improved drawing tablets, that allow to achieve better and faster results.

We have been using many drawing softwares (free and not) and tablets in our career and we are here to help you making a sense of the jumble of things that are available out there.

This section of Drawing factory will help with basic but powerful questions about a technical aspect of the digital art:

Which drawing package is good for you?

Do you need to buy one or can you use one of the free available on the Internet?

How do you make the most of them anyway?

Look through this section and you might find the answers to these and other relevant questions!

Drawing software

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