Drawing monsters

Drawing monsters it is certainly not easy as it might sound. There is sarcasm in the headline and in fact monstrous monsters might not be terrific monsters.

This consideration brings us to the question: what is a good drawing of a monster?

Well a monster should be scary, unless you want to draw cute monsters (Lucia has prepared fantastic tutorials about those).

Like in all drawing you’ll do, you will want to hit a string with your artwork and in this case that string is a deep one.

You want to instill fear, awe, and concern in the heart of the viewers. Ideally, you want them to have nightmares after seeing your drawing, maybe imagining being chased by your creature, gasping for help (maybe I am exaggerating a bit here but you get my point!).

Look at this monster for example. Isn’t it beautifully scary?

Sometimes you are looking for the opposite effect. You want to use a monster, which is normally a symbol of brutality and fear, in a cute drawing, to show that monsters can be good and that sometimes horrid looking creatures may have a soul!

Drawing monsters or strange creature is also a great exercise for improving to draw. It forces you to train your imagination, mix concepts and ideas to create an original version of your favorite horrifying creature.

Moreover monsters are often covered with strange and unusual textures like scales, thick hairs, slimy skin and whatnot and, to top that, they might have strange combinations of limbs and body-parts, unusual facial features and a random number of eyes.
Drawing all the strange things might be a huge boost to creativity and skill.

Enough talking now. Let’s start drawing monsters!

Drawing Monsters

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