If you want to learn how to draw Simpsons you have landed on the right website!

We plan to dedicate a series of tutorials on the subject of drawing Simpson characters starting from this one about Homer Simpson!

Generally speaking drawing Simpson characters is not too difficult due to the very simple (yet effective) design of the characters based on simple shapes and uniform lines.

With tutorial we’ll be drawing the smiling face of Homer Simpson to start off with a simple one. If you can draw a pill and a circle you’ll be able to draw a terrific Homer Simpson! Let’s get started.

Alright the first step is, you guess right, drawing a big pill! Homer Simpson’s face can be enclosed in a pill shape. So draw this shape as indicated in the picture and add a bit of neck. Also cut the pill in half with a horizontal median line that we’ll use for placing the other facial features.

So far so good and try to get the pill right! 🙂

This step is essential to place the eyes of Homer. Homer’s eyes, by the way, are perfect circles so they tend to look circular from almost any angle.

After you have divided the pill/head in two halves you might want to draw another two lines a bit above and a bit below the first horizontal midline. You are aiming here for creating a quadrangular shape where to inscribe the circular eyes of Homer.

You also want to draw a vertical midline that runs where the junction of the eyes is supposed to be. Generally speaking the vertical midline is essential to visualize the orientation of the face.

Let’s move on.

Now draw the eyeballs. See the right eyeball is almost perfectly circular and is drawn inside the construction lines we have accurately built so far. The right eyeball on the contrary is not completely visible because is partially covered by the left eyeball. I have dotted the portion of the right eyeball which is supposed to be in the eye-socket.

I have also lightly drawn curved line that will define the mouth area (the normally lightly unshaved area of the face that characterizes Homer)

How to draw Simpsons with the Drawing factory!

Ok our Homer Simpson is really shaping up nicely! Now it is time to add the nose and to block out the shape of the mouth.

As you can see also the tip of the nose has a pill like shape! So add the pill-shaped nose and the rim of the mouth. Be careful to make the upper lip bigger and more prominent than the lower lip. This is a crucial characteristic of Homer’s face.

We are getting there my friend. Let’s finalize the drawing now!

We have been working hard so far to establish the proportions and shape of Homer’s face so now just spend a bit of time enjoying ourselves and refining and smoothening out the curves of the face. All the lines should flaw seamlessly and softly.

Also work on the lips to add that extra bump and clean up your drawing!

Now you now how to draw Simpsons! (well at least Homer for now)

Ok now add the final touches: the hairs (three) and you have a fantastic drawing of Homer Simpson! I knew you could do it!

I have also digitally inked it and this is the result.

I hope you liked this tutorial and that you will be following us on the Drawing Factory with the other “how to draw Simpsons” tutorials!

Fell free to comment the tutorial or contact us for questions in the Contact us section of the site, We would love to hear from you.

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