Are you ready to start my 10 day Drawing Challenge? Cool, let’s do it!

The theme of the first day is: Draw what you see and not what you think you are seeing.

But what do I mean by that?

One of the biggest problem of anyone starting to draw is being able to draw accurately things they see around them, may it be a face, a person, a still life. Believe it or not the major problem lies not in the lack of technique or practice but in the brain itself.

Your brain is very good at taking whatever you see and transforming it into something else. Shapes are morphed, size and proportions of whatever you are looking at are altered, all in the attempt to make sense of the information coming through your eyes.

So, when people want  to draw something, they end up relying on what is the result of brain processing more than the actual thing in front of them; and that’s why many end up with a drawing that doesn’t look remotely like the thing they were trying to draw!

Faces are notorious for being particularly problematic because the brain weights differently, the various features and beginners end up misplacing the facial features because they are following what their brain is telling them instead of relying on what they actually see.

So, for the first challenge, you will have to draw a portrait, trying as much as you can, to capture the real proportions of the face you are trying to portray.

For this challenge colouring or finishing the portrait is not important, what is important is being aware that you are trying to really reproduce with accuracy the face you are drawing.

I have prepared a collection of really awesome faces on my page on Pinterest (which you should totally follow if you have not already by the way). You can find it here.

Also, you can check out this tutorial on the Drawing Factory explaining one possible method of creating an accurate portrait.

Once you are done, you can, if you want, upload your drawing in the comment section below.

Here is an example of a finished image:

by Pmucks on Devintart

You are all set! Good luck with the Day 1 Drawing Challenge.


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