Welcome to How to draw Pokemon. – This is the second tutorial dedicated to drawing pokemon, you might also be interested in How to draw pikachu.

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to draw Bulbasaur, one of the most famous and funny pokemons. Pick your pencil and start drawing with us!

Il suo nome deriva dall’unione della parola inglese bulb (bulbo) con la parola greca sauros (lucertola).

How to draw Pokemon – Let’s get started!

All pokemon are easy to dra once you know how to break down their body shapes into simpler forms. For Bulbasaur we will star by drawing a circular head (red) and and elongated body (green). Draw the body slightly behind the head.

Now we’ll add a few more basic shapes to these two: a big circle at the back of his body (the bulb) and a four small ovals to represent the position of the legs (blue).

Att his stage the only important thing is keep the proportions right and try to figure which parts of the body covers another.

How to draw Pokemon – Overall shapes

Now we have drawn enough construction lines to put togheter the shilouette of Bulbasaur. Remove the construction lines as soon as you have done and shape the bulb at the back.

When it comes to the eyes it is important to draw them correctly to achieve the right effect. Divide the head in quarters by drawing a vertical and horizontal line.

Draw now a parallel horizontal line above the first. Overall the head should be divided into three horizontal bands of approximately equal thickness. Position then the eye center using two simple vertical lines as in the drawing below.

The eyes of Bubasaur have this triangular shape, flat at the base and closing at the top. Irises and pupils are also huge and fit snuggily in the triangle. Obviously the further away eye looks more compressed than the eye closest to the viewer.

How to draw Pokemon – Complete the drawing

Once the eyes are positioned correctly the other elements of the face are really easy to position and fall into place almost automaticly. I am referring to the nostrils, mouth and ears.

Do not think is time to start working at the detail of this drawing? I think so! Add the small claws and teeth. Oh and do not forget the tongue. Delete construction lines where necessary you do not want to see the lines of the legs through the claws.

The last touches to the drawing are the characteristic patter of Bulbasaur or the skin texture made of big and non uniform squares.

I have also added a few lines in the bulb and defined a bit better the overall look of my drawing. Now the only thing left to do is to color it!

How to draw Pokemon – The finished result!

And there you have it! You fantastic drawing of a pokemon – Bulbasaur!

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