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How to draw a flag

How to draw a flag

Welcome to How to Draw a flag. -In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through a series of steps to draw a beautiful flag. We have chosen to decorate the flag with a checkerboard because it’ll show how lines are deformed by the flapping of the flag and because if you can draw a checkerboard or a grid on the flag then you can use the grid as a guide to draw whatever you want on the flag!

The first flags were used to assist military coordination on battlefields, and flags have since evolved into a general tool for rudimentary signaling and identification, especially in environments where communication is similarly challenging.

How to draw a flag – Let’s get started!

Draw the pole (on the right in the drawing) and attach to it a curved line approximately as it appears in the drawing.

Then go on and close the line by drawing the other two sides of the flag. This is a flag flapping in the wind so it is necessary to draw it in a way that suggests motion. The trick is to draw jagged and bent sides. Normally the upper and lower sides are more distorted than the side facing the mast.

How to draw a flag – Let’s fill the flag

Star by drawing three horizontal lines along the flag. Follow the curvature of the side you are closer to.

Now draw the three perpendicular lines to the previous three. The most difficult part here is being able to guess how much of the fabric is hidden behind the wraps and folds.

Once the grid is placed in you want to emphasize the bends and folds with a basic shadow. The top of the waves of fabric tends to catch the light while the shadow is normally at the base of each wave. However, keep in mind that folds themselves can cast a shadow on other portions of the flag.

To finish the checkerboard color the squares alternatively black and white.

How to draw a flag – The finished result!

The drawing is completed and if you have followed the steps you have now a nice flag that you can use as a base for any flag you may want to draw. If you want to put a different symbol or drawing on the flag use the grid as a guide. Draw a 4 by 4 grid on a separate sheet and draw your symbol in it. Then transfer the symbol on the flag using the grid as a reference!

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