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How to draw dog

How to draw dog

Welcome to How to draw a dog. – In this tutorial, you’ll learn the basics to convincingly draw a generic dog type. We’ll start with the basic body shape and we’ll go on detailing the drawing to obtain the final result.

The dog is a domesticated form of the wolf, a member of the Canidae family. The term is used for both feral and pet varieties.

The domestic dog has been one of the most widely kept working and companion animals in human history. The word “dog” may also mean the male of a canine species.

How to draw a dog – Let’s get started!

The trick is to draw animals convincingly and in this case a dog. is to get the proportions right from the beginning. So instead of starting from minute details, we’ll approach the drawing as usual using very basic shapes to get the proportions to work. Draw three circles like in the figure. The highest one will serve as a guide for the head while the other two, the small one and the elongated one will serve as a guide for the body.

Now connect these circles as shown in the drawing below and at a certain distance below draw four small circles defining the position of the feet of the dog.

The trick here is interesting and works with all animals and creatures. If you start by drawing the endpoint of a leg (or arm) is going to be easier than drawing the corresponding limb because the foot (or hand) functions as a critical constraint for the orientation and position of the limb.

How to draw the dog – Overall shapes

Once you have positioned the feet you have just to connect the elements. Connect the front body with the front feet and the hind tights with the back feet. Tail and ears are also good to add at this point.

Now you might think -but I can’t connect things with straight lines that would look bad!- and you would be right. Go on Google and search a few dog images and try to figure out the shape of the hind and front legs.

As usual, define the midline of the face with simple lines that runs from the top of the head to the nose. Sketch the eyes and mouth and refine a bit the ears to get a feel for their orientation.

Delete all of the construction lines at this point and observe with pride your beautiful dog! Looks a bit too ghostly though, it needs a bit of fur.. which we’ll promptly apply in the next steps!

Applying fur is a kind of art. You want to put enough on to make the animal look furry but not too much to give you a headache and eye-crossing syndrome! Start from the outline and make it furry with short pencil strokes. Then move inside and apply short pencil strokes following the natural direction of the fur. How do you know the natural direction? Google.

Intensify the density of the strokes where the shadow is supposed to be and reduce the density where light is hitting the surface.

How to draw a dog – Complete the drawing

Finish off all of the drawings by covering the dog with fluffy fur. Detail the face and tail a bit better and proceed to finalize your drawing!

How to draw a dog – The finished result!

The final step is basically taking care of the minute detail. Yes! at this stage, you can!

Increase the overall contrast of the drawing by intensifying the black areas versus the light ones, add a bit of shadow underneath the body and there you have it! A fantastic drawing of a dog! Now you know how to draw a dog too!

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