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How to draw a cow step by step

How to draw a cow step by step

In how to draw a cow step by step you’ll follow ten simple steps to learn to draw a beautiful and lovely cow. we won’t use an anatomically detailed approach but will start from the main shapes that constitute the caw body and will proceed from there adding detail and using reference images to finish our drawing.

How to draw a cow step by step – Let’s get started!

Start by drawing a large oval as shown in the picture. As usual here at the drawing factory, we split the drawing into easy-to-follow steps and this first one shouldn’t be difficult to draw.

Now we’ll try to position the head (a circle on the left) and the posterior part of the animal. Spend time here positioning these two elements at the right distance from the central shape. See how the two red arrows have approximately the same length and are distant the same from the midline?

How to draw a cow step by step – the main shapes

Now that we have positioned these three elements try to draw a line that includes these elements and give it a shape similar to what you see here. This bigger shape represents the body of the cow.

Before adding the legs and the rest of it it’s necessary to focus on the head a little. See how easy is to draw the shape of the head from the circle you have drawn a few steps before? Remember that cows tend to have really straight heads so keep that line pretty straight.

How to draw a cow step by step

To complete this first part of the tutorial now just erase the constructing lines, the big oval, and the circle and you should have something approximately like this. Do not worry is going to look very much like a real cow in our next steps. See you after the break.

At this point, you should have a solid shape representing the body of the cow. It’s time to add the legs (not in full detail yet!) and start sketching the position of the eyes and nose of the cow on the head. To do it draw some very sketchy legs first. remember the posterior ones that are away from you are smaller than the front ones. So draw them accordingly.

Also, use construction lines to schematically position the eyes and nose on the head.

If you have followed the steps you should be able to see your cow emerging clearly from the sketched lines.

Draw the horns and ears and sketch in the tail and udder. Please use reference images to learn how these anatomical parts are. Also, it’s important to position correctly the knees. At this stage just draw a couple of circles in the sketchy legs to have an idea of where the knees will be.

How to draw a cow step by step – Complete the drawing

I think the cow is coming out really nicely now. As you see we haven’t moved dramatically away from the original sketchy figure, just refined it a little bit along the way with small adjustments.

Refine a little bit the head and the legs. Google the word cow and look for images of this animal as we approach the final steps of this tutorial.

After a bit of refining and after removing the remaining construction lines your cows should look similar to the ones drawn underneath. Doesn’t it?

How to draw a cow step by step – The finished result!

As a final touch to this drawing, we are going to add just a bit of shadow here and there to emphasize muscles, the torsion of the head, and the relative position of the legs. Think before dropping your lines and add them only where they contribute to a final rendering.

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