Are you ready to start DAY 10 of my 10 day Drawing Challenge? Cool let’s do it!

The theme of today is: Complete your projects.

Before I even start, allow me to remind you that these challenges are, well, challenges, and are designed to try and push you out of your comfort zone. You do not have to be perfect, it’s fine if you find them difficult, your drawings can be messy, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you understand the principle and do your best. Now shall we begin!

As a finishing challenge day I would like to point your attention toward this important concept: You learn more by taking to completion one drawing than by starting 100 and never finish them.

Yes I said 100!

Don’t get me wrong, sketching is very important particularly if you are trying to incorporate a new skill BUT, the insight you get from starting a project and taking it to completion (with this I mean, coloring and final rendering of the image) it’s unparalleled.

The fact is that trying to complete a project will expose you to so many challenges and practical problems that by the end of it you will have learnt so many tricks and techniques on your own that it would take you weeks if not months to learn from someone else. It’s just invaluable.

So, for this last challenge I’d like you to create for me a complete illustration using all the techniques and ideas you have learnt during the 10 days challenge.

You should be able to use reference to come up with a new interesting idea, then you will be sketching first using a blue pencil and subsequently render your image using value until you get to a finished result you are absolutely happy with.

Mind you this is the most difficult of all the challenges so buckle up!

If you need inspiration go to my page on Pinterest (to which you should be subscribed by now) and you’ll find there literally hundreds of images (I keep adding gorgeous images every day) that will certainly inspire you for this challenge.


You are all set! Good luck with the Day 10 Drawing Challenge.

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