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Draw people – the male figure

In this tutorial, I will take you STEP by STEP through the creation of the proportioned male figure seen in a front, rear, and...

How to draw hands: the proportions

So you want to learn how to draw hands. It is tough but, I ensure you, really rewarding when you know how to do...


Drawing portraits is a tough art. That’s why you need a bit of guidance and today I am here exactly for this reason. We...

Face drawing | frontal features

With this lesson on face drawing, we’ll be exploring a few simple and basic rules to set up a proper frontal view of a...

How to draw faces

Welcome to How to draw faces. – In this series of tutorials dedicated to the drawing of the human anatomy we will dedicate time...

Portrait drawing

Portrait drawing is one of those drawing skills many people get into drawing for. It is so appealing and rewarding to be able to draw...

Nose drawing tutorial: a geometrical approach

Nose drawing can be a difficult skill to master due to the complexity of the nose shape. With this tutorial, I will try to...

Heart drawings

Heart drawing is a much-beloved art and one of the favorite subjects of drawing aficionados. In this tutorial, I’ll guide you through a simple and...

How to draw a realistic eye

Hello everyone, I am very excited to present you this week with this incredible tutorial on how to draw a realistic eye using Photoshop. One...

Figure drawing – an introduction

Figure drawing is one of the most challenging skills to develop while learning how to draw. In this introductory tutorial, we’ll show you the...

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