Are you ready to start DAY 3 of my 10 day Drawing Challenge? Cool let’s do it!

The theme of today is: The importance of anatomy.

Before I even start, allow me to remind you that these challenges are, well, challenges, and are designed to try and push you out of your comfort zone. You do not have to be perfect, it’s find if you find them difficult, your drawings can be messy, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you understand the principle and do your best. Now shall we begin!

I remember myself, a young 10 years old with the love of drawing, pouring over a drawing book my mother had and fascinated by this towering, heroic figure drawn in pencil, full of details that I wanted to draw.

However according to the book, I should have drawn the skeleton first, then the muscles over it, then the naked body and finally the clothes and armor.

And I was like, really? Ain’t nobody got time for that! I just wanted to draw the damn thing not going through all these, as I thought, apparently useless steps.

A few years later, I finally understand that, that progression is the actual best possible way to learn how to draw compelling figures such as the one I wanted to draw.

Anatomy of the human torso

Anatomy is so important not only for figurative drawing but pretty much for any other style of figure or creature drawing.

It grounds your character in reality and gives it believable features.

So many components of your image do eventually trail back to anatomy; for example, in order to shade a figure correctly, you need to know which muscles are hit by light and which are not and in order to understand where muscles are located you need to understand where they attach to the various bones and so on, you get the point.

If there is anything you get out of this AMAZING 10 days challenge I hope it is for you to understand how important it is studying anatomy to quickly raise your drawing to a much higher level.

So, for this challenge, I’d like you to go out and get yourself acquainted with the beautiful intricacies of human anatomy. I want you to draw body or a body part evidencing the anatomy underneath.

I have prepared a collection of really beautiful anatomy charts and reference on my page on Pinterest (which you should totally follow for a daily dose of artistic inspiration by the way) to get your artistic juices flowing. So your drawing should look like something like this:

or this:


When you are done you can  upload your finished drawing in the comment section below for everyone to see (and for me too).

Oh! And don’t forget you can always get in touch with me for ideas or if you are having problems with this challenge.

You can follow and message me on my Facebook page, or you can watch my series of YouTube video lessons and tutorials or you can simply contact me directly.

You are all set! Good luck with Day 3 Drawing Challenge.


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