About Us

The Drawing Factory is born from the passion of two people for drawing  Lucia and Vince. We wanted to share our knowledge and help as many people as possible to learn how to draw because drawing is wonderful!

Vince has always taken art really seriously and indeed drawing is his bigger passion. He thinks he was probably born with a pencil in his hand because the first thing he can remember about himself is drawing! Vince has experimented with many different styles of drawing but he definitely enjoys the challenges offered by dinamic and powerful images. He is also a meticoulus student of anatomy for drawing and considers himself an expert of this subject.

Lucia is a full time artist, painter and illustrator for children books. She moved from Italy to Australia and she is now loving her new home. She is passionate about drawing and painting and she knows how to use colors to express feelings and emotions. Lucia started scribbling and marking since she was four and her first drawing was a big, transparent cruise ship where it was possible to see people dining inside, playing games and having fun. Brilliant!

We hope you have fun on the Factory!

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