The 10 most amazing Scorpion Drawings on the Internet


Scorpion drawings - Hello everybody, I have been searching the net to present you the most interesting drawings of scorpions I could find. Enjoy!



I know when it comes to find decent scorpion drawings on the internet seems like a never ending struggle. Some are nice, others are awful. That's why, we, at the drawing factory have searched the internet to find the top drawings (in our opinion) you'll be able to find representing scorpions. We have privileged variety and inventiveness over realism so browse through our list and let us know what you think!


Let's get started!


Scorpion by ~deaddamien


A commission piece which is to be attached to the petrol tank of a custom-built Harley Davidson. The customer wanted an aggressive-looking scorpion, which was about to attack - I first built the model out of wax, which was then cast into bronze by a casting company. I then finished the cast and patinated it a bit to get some dashing highlight.


I know this is not exactly a drawing but it was too nice to miss!! Watch it here




The scorpion by ~Aguaplano


Illustration for a children's book. The publisher said: the scorpion is too scary for a children's book...!
I have had to replace it with a mole!


I do not think it's particularly scary what do you think??



More scorpions


Type: Scorpion by *LordNetsua


Made for the design part of my Typography class final for project 1. I designed a type based on Times New Roman (quite similar but with big spikey serifs) and then made this scorpion with it in Illustrator. No reference used, took about 1-2 hours.


I think this a beautiful and original drawing of a scorpion. Well done!




Scorpion by ~DanielleHope


This is a scorpion that I'm going to tattoo on my friend next week. He went to Africa recently for a few weeks, got all the way back home to Nova Scotia, reached into his bag, and got stung by a scorpion. I think this will be a really cool tattoo for him.


I think this is a simple yet well realized drawing of a scorpion.





Vegetable Scorpion by ~egoodwinart


Here's a watercolor painting I did from a reference shot I took of this scorpion which I made out of vegetables and put together with wire.


I think this is one of the coolest and more original scorpion drawings out there!




Scorpion drawings - even more scorpions


Scorpion by ~Democris


Pretty cool scorpion-like tatoo design!


scorpion drawings




Steampunk Scorpion Robot by *CatherinetteRings


Steam punk Scorpion Robot : [link]; Close-up on the Steampunky parts : [link]


An incredibly detailed rendering of a steam-punk Scorpion. Simply stunning!





Scorpion Pattern


I know I KNOW this is not a drawing but.. isn't t the cutest scorpion you have ever seen?


make yourself a little poisonous pal, he won't bite unless you give him reason ^-^. as always the pattern comes in printer friendly black and white with detailed drawing like pictures. This scorpion will make a real great toy for children, since all you need is yarn and stuffing!


scorpion drawing



Scorpion Whale


Now this is something you do not want to meet during a stroll along the main roads of your town. A pissed off fusion between a whale and a scorpion! How is this supposed to be evolved anyway?


scorpion drawings


Scorpion drawings - let's finish this!


External Scorpion Anatomy


Seriously, could we really be satisfied with a list of drawings without a proper image of Scorpion anatomy? I do not think so. Use this picture as reference for your realistic scorpion drawings and have fun!


scorpion drawings



Do you want more pictures representing scorpions? Do you want to learn how to draw a scorpion? Contact me and let me know.


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