Naruto characters: Naruto (part 1)


Naruto characters: Naruto - Welcome to this new tutorial of the Drawing Factory. This time we'll show you how to draw Naruto and paint Naruto using photoshop. If you follow all the steps you should get something close to the drawing underneath.



This is deep and complex tutorial so be prepared to many pages and steps but I'll assure you the result will be worth it. Ready to start?


Naruto characters: Naruto - Let's get started!


For the drawing I have used the following software:


Autodesk SketchBook Pro - for the sketch and line work

Photoshop CS3 - for the coloring


However do not be intimidated if you can not use these software, they are not essentials. Line work can be done with pencil and pen and subsequently scanned. Coloring can b done with free drawing software like Gimp for example.


This is what you should be able to get at the end of this process.


naruto characters


Ok bare with me along this process. The first thing to do is to draw a rough outline of the head of our character.


An oval approximately. Also at this stage divide the oval with two perpendicular lines. One vertical one horizontal. As indicated. The vertical determines the symmetry of the face the horizontal one is the line of the eyes.


naruto characters


Naruto characters: Naruto - the next step


Once this is done, let's get in and establish with a few lines the neck and shoulders of Naruto (red).



Now this is a delicate part. It's time to establish the internal proportion of the face. Let's start with the eyes. As shown by the figure divide the eye line in 5 small segments. The central segment and the two segments on the side are of equal length. These last two will contain the eyes.


This is a cartoon character so the distance of the eyes from the side of the face is shorter than real anatomy and eyes are much bigger.


Ears are approximately two eyes long and are cut precisely in half by the eye line.


The nose line is exactly distant one eye length from the eye line so it's easy to position.


Finally the mouth line is approximately half eye length from the nose line.



As you see we have established the proportions of the face using the eye length as main internal reference length.


Let's move on to part 2 of the tutorial now.


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