How to draw Wolverine

by Vincenzo


Ready to learn how to draw Wolverine? Hello Wolverine lovers out there and welcome to this tutorial dedicated to the powerful X-man!




I know you are excited and you want to start but let me tell you what you are going to learn if you follow the following instructions. Drawing Wolverine means basically been able to draw a human, muscular male character with the appropriate costume just like in the spiderman tutorial.


I will assume that you can reasonably draw a human character here and focus instead on drawing the costume which, honestly, can be a bit tricky if not tackled right.


Let's get started friends!


How to draw Wolverine - Set up the costume


In this tutorial I'll provide a silhouette of a hero character well suited for the physique of Wolverine and we'll progressively "clothe" it with the classic Wolverine costume. To download the silhouette just "save the image as" using the right click of the mouse.


how to draw wolverine


Wolverine costume it's not particularly difficult to draw however, as many other classical costumes of X-Men super heroes you must be able to follow the curvature of the body while applying the costume.


The first thing we are going to do is defining the outline the outline of the costume starting from the forearms.


how to draw wolverine how to draw wolverine


The first thing to do is to define the position of the gloves and the boots. A single line will serve the purpose here. Be careful to follow closely the curvature of the body where you draw the line.


How to draw Wolverine - Set up the costume 2


how to draw wolverine


You should have something like this. Now it's time to add the belt and the.. ehm, underpants :). As usual follow the curvature of the body. This might be more difficult than it seems so take your time and try to imagine how the body curves in that particular part and follow that curvature.


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