How to draw Sonic (part 1)

by Vincenzo


If you want to learn how to draw Sonic this spot is exactly what you were looking for!




You are up for a treat in fact, because you'll learn how to recreate this drawing from scratch using basic principles of drawing. Grab a bit of drawing paper and a few pencils and start the journey to know how to draw Sonic!


If you need some advice on which tools to use (pencils, erasers) please explore the Factory, there is plenty of info on the subject.


Sonic has proven to be an extremely popular character. After having been around only 2 years, he had already surpassed Nintendo's Mario in popularity. One of a class of genes involved in fruit fly embryonic development, called hedgehog genes, has been named "sonic hedgehog" after the character.


Step 1


how to draw sonic


Ok, the first thing that I would like you to do is to try and observe the drawing and extract the main simple shapes from it, like I just did.


You do not have to draw them but definitely do it within your mind. You want to have a clear idea about which basic shapes the drawing can be deconstructed in.


As you can see a circle for the head, an elongated circle for the body and a few lines it is all that we need to recreate the posture and general proportion of Sonic.


I have drawn in red hands and feet, this helps with keeping proportion right and better visualize different body perts.


If you want to do the same before starting just use a couple of colored pencils, they should do. Build a skeleton similar to what I have here and loosely work at it until you are happy with the proportions and shapes.


Let's move on now on how to draw Sonic.


Step 2


how to draw sonic


Here I have just roughly recreated the skeleton I drew in photoshop, on a piece of paper. This will be my guide for the subsequent steps.


I can not stress enough how important is to get the skeleton right in terms of proportions. Keep tweaking it, while it is so easy to do so, before moving forward.


Sonic is incapable of swimming which causes him to sink like a stone in water, probably mainly due to his great body weight for his size and narrow limbs or possibly due to his presumed aqua phobia.



Step 3


how to draw sonic


Ok, now add the quills on the back of the head. This is a good time for the quills because they are huge and can have a big impact on the overall aspect of the drawing if are made too small or too big. Same goes with the shoes.


Have you done it? Great! Now step back for a second and look at your drawing again to see if you are pleased with the result so far. This is a simple trick (as explained in the section drawing basics) that will help you a lot keeping a fresh perspective while drawing.


Step 4


how to draw sonic


Now let's add a bit of refinement to the face and body. Just a little, keep it still loose and fluid, there might be things to change before moving into the "detail" part.


"how to draw Sonic" has never been so easy, has it?


You can start sketching the face in, and adding thickness to the arms and legs, just to see how Sonic looks with them.


When you start drawing the face make sure you draw a vertical line in the middle of it. The line will be your guide for the placement of the nose and eyebrows.


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If you want, you can download this same drawing ready to print and color from the cartoon coloring page section. Help yourself!


I hope you enjoyed the "how to draw sonic" tutorial. Stay tuned for more to come.

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