How to draw flames (part 3)

by Vince


If you want to learn how to draw flames you must understand that drawing flames is different from most things you have drawn so far and it's not an easy task.




The smaller shapes are easy to draw in fact they follow loosely the shape of the next bigger one. So the orange shape follows loosely the red shape, the main shape, while the yellow shape follows loosely the orange shape.


Once the three shapes are drawn just fill them with the appropriate colors (with a technique of your choice) to get the final result.


how to draw flames

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Nice isn't it?


Now let's move on to the next step which will be a somewhat more complicated shape than the previous. However the complication comes from the increased number of flame tongues and not due to some technical or artistic problem.


The basic rules are the same as for the previous flames but this time we'll draw more tongues and the final flame will look more complex.


How to draw flames - definitely more complex


how to draw flames

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In this last section of the tutorial we are going to draw a complex flame using the basic principles learned so far to draw effective flames: use three basic colors, yellow, orange and red to create the illusion of the hotter center of the flame and colder outside; draw asymmetric shapes, as flames tend to have low or no symmetry; keep the curves flowing from one tongue to the following trying to avoid straight lines that would interrupt the flow of the shape.


This is a larger flame so start from the bottom and draw a larger base then move upward and draw the flame tongues. Obviously they do not have to be identical to mine.


how to draw flames

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As for the previous drawings once you have established the main shape or contour of the flame you can draw the smaller shapes inside the flame. You do not have to replicate the larger shapes with the small one but only loosely follow them.


The drawing up here exemplify the process clearly. Again take your time to draw nice shapes and the last step, coloring, will be easy to do and your flame will look good straight away.


How to draw flames - burning fire


how to draw flames

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If you have taken your time to draw the shapes that form your flame nicely the final result is guaranteed.


So to wrap up this first tutorial on how to draw flames remember the following:


1. start from the base of the flame and draw upward from there


2. use three colors, red, orange and yellow to simulate three different levels of heat within the flame


3. keep the curves, that form the outer shape of the flame, flowing without braking or straight lines to give your flame a realistic look


4. enjoy drawing flames!



I hope this tutorial has helped you learn how to draw flames. I will soon post another tutorial to give you an head start on how to draw even more complex and big flames!!


Here is the new tutorial to learn how to draw more complicated flames, enjoy!



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