How to draw Disney characters: Scrooge McDuck (part 2)


How to draw Disney characters: Scrooge McDuck - Learn to draw how to draw this amazing Disney character.



Scrooge McDuck's given name is based on that of the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge, the main character from Charles Dickens' 1843 novel A Christmas Carol. His Scottish heritage plays on the stereotype of Scotsmen being miserly.


How to draw Disney characters - add polish


Now that the main skeleton of the figure is laid down use the black pencil or pen to trace with more precision the various parts. As you see I did not add too much detail here but you can certainly recognize the character.


Eyes are very important in this figure so be careful when you draw them. They join at the middle point of the beak and occupy almost all the face surface.


Also see how I have cut a piece of the hat to make it look like an old top hat.


The beak is formed by an upper and lower part, the latter following the shape of the former.


Clean it up from construction lines and start refining your figure adding more details and defining precisely what covers what.



How to draw Disney characters - Complete the drawing


The final elements to add to complete the figure and the pose are certainly the small beak-lenses and the black elongated pupils.



Before refining even more our drawing let's take care about briefly of the prop Scrooge is sitting on. Add a big money icon and surround the sack with piles of coins and decks of bucks!



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