How to draw angel wings

by Vincenzo and Lucia




Welcome to How to draw angel wings . - In this tutorial we'll learn how to draw wings basically. No one has seen angels so we guess.. any pair of wings will do to draw angel wings. Just apply them to the angelic figure when needed.


We'll see the basics of how to draw beautiful looking wings. On this basis you can expand, create and modify to adapt the drawing to your needs. We'll se the general rules to draw wings convincingly.


A wing is a surface used to produce lift for flight through the air or another gaseous or fluid medium. The cross-sectional shape of a wing is referred to as an airfoil. The word originally referred only to the foremost limbs of birds, but has been extended to include the wings of insects, bats, pterosaurs, and aircraft.


How to draw angel wings - Let's get started!


The first thing we want to do is to determine the extension of our wing. To do that we need to know how a wing is made underneath the feathers so we'll know which part we want to extend and which not.


Underneath the feathers a wing bone structure is very similar to a human arm. It has a shoulder, an elbow and a wrist but no hand. :) So when you start to position a wing keep in ming how it folds and bends due to the bone structure underneath.


How to draw angel wings


Once you have established the extension of the bone structure supporting the wing you want to sketch a full outline of the wing straight away. I find it useful to do this way so you have a precise outline within which to draw the feathers.


How to draw angel wings


How to draw angel wings - Overall shapes


At this point is useful to divide the wing in three main parts. Number one is the underwing covert, number two is the secondary covert and number three represent where primary and secondary feather will go. See how the two lines have similar flow.


How to draw angel wings


Let's start drawing feathers now. The primary underwing coverts comprehend a cover and short feathers. The covert underline follows the bent of the underlying bone structure and from it, from the border of the covert, short feathers emerge.


Do not try to draw the feathers just now, just trace small lines exiting from the border of the covert. Also draw a line from the wrist straight down. As the wing bends and folds, the feathers on the right of the line will cover the feathers on the left.


This means in the the two regions of the wing feathers have slightly different orientation.


How to draw angel wings


Now join the short lines you have just drawn with curved lines, as in the drawing below. These will be your primary covert feathers. From the base of these feathers draw longer and denser lines running down to touch the border of the secondary underwing covert.


How to draw angel wings


Repeat the process. Join the lines and draw more lines starting from the border. When you join these last lines you'll have secondary and primary feathers.


How to draw angel wings


How to draw angel wings - Complete the drawing


In joining the lines of the primary feathers use more curved and pony lines than for the other feathers.


How to draw angel wings


How to draw angel wings - The finished result!


In this next and last step you have just to clean your dra-wing, remove unnecessary lines and add a subtle shadow underneath each border separating coverts. Also here and there make the lines of the feathers thicker. You have done it! You have learnt how to draw a beautiful angel (if you want) wing!


How to draw angel wings


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