Face drawing: the heroic male (Part 1)

by Vincenzo




Welcome to another face drawing tutorial. In this tutorial we'll draw a character face of a hero-like character.


In the process we'll review an optimal placement of the facial features and the best ways to emphasize the features of the face that will make our character look manly and heroic.


I have also prepared a video of the drawing we are going to realize so that you can have an idea on how I have realized it.


So if you want you can sit back, relax and enjoy the short video that you'll find at the end of this article. However I suggest you to read through the article first and then look at the video to better grasp the drawing process.


let's start drawing!


face drawing tutorial


The first thing to do to start the face drawing is to define the oval shape of the head and to sketch in the neck. We are already facing a couple of choices were we want to slightly change the anatomy of the character to make it look more masculine.


First the head is more rectangular and less oval. This will make the jaw line more rigid and imposing. Secondly we want the neck to be large, in fact, much larger than normal. As you can see here I have drawn the neck the same width of the face.


These ar two very important factors to give our character an imposing posture and menacing and masculine aspect.


face drawing tutorial


Divide the head in four with a vertical and horizontal line and sketch in the eyes. If you do not know how to position facial features and want a guide take a look at this article on the drawing factory: The set up of a face, then come back here :)


Pay attention here at the shape of the eye. They are not common eyes but have a more elongated shape. This will make the character more mysterious.


I have also sketched the "sternocleidomastoid muscles" two muscles that connect the lower back of the head with the upper sternum and clavicles. Very powerful and evident muscles of the neck.


Face drawing continues below, keep reading!


face drawing tutorial


Start working loosely on the facial features added so far. Define the eyebrows and nose shape and add those two very important lines that start from the ears and go down to touch the jaw line. The lines define the presence of two lateral depressions on the sides of the face determined by the presence of the two zygomatic bones.


Go to Part 2 (with Video)


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