Bald Eagle Drawings (Part 2)


Bald eagle drawings. In this second part of the tutorial we will start adding the core detail of the drawing, so keep following it.




Bald Eagle Drawings - getting into it


After removing the construction lines, you can do it now, we have now a solid outline of what our final drawing is going to look like and to be honest with you from this point on it's a matter of patiently adding the necessary detail to make our drawing look good.


You might have noticed that in the drawing below I have just added a thin eyebrow line and a small dot representing the nostril of the eagle. Also I have drawn very sketchy line representing the intersection between the white and black fethers of the eagle, just below the head.


Bald Eagle Drawings


In this step as you see I am not adding any more fundamental shape to the drawing just working at the details. Using an image as a reference you can get the level of detail that you prefer. Here I am just adding a bit of fuzzyness to the outline to simulate the presence of fethers. Plus I have drawn a pupil and refined the beak.


Bald Eagle Drawings


Bald Eagle Drawings - Adding finest detail


In this step our endeavor of adding details to the drawing continues. More fuzzyness to the outline, the beak is even more refined and I have added very small pencil strokes around the eye and at the base of the beak to simulate the presence of fethers.


Bald Eagle Drawings


Our drawing is almost complete! In the next and last part of the tutorial we will see how to give the last touches to the drawing and making our eagle look smashing!


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